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Warriors in the Playoffs... on FSN BAY AREA!

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As soon as the national TV playoff schedule was released, I joked with Fantasy Junkie that the Warriors are now on TNT and ESPN more times than they've been on all season. It's definitely fun when the Warriors are on national TV (the Dubs and their fans finally get some attention, we're treated to a bunch of analysts who know virtually nothing about the Warriors and aren't shy about showing their lack of knowledge, and the Dubs always put on their best show), BUT there's nothing like watching the Warriors on FSN Bay Area with Bob Fitzgerald, Jim Barnett, Glen Kuiper, Matt Steinmetz, and the rest of the behind the scenes crew. Thankfully, the Warriors WILL make a rare playoff appearance on FSN Bay Area.


Here's an excerpt from FSN Bay Area's press release:




Game #1 Sunday, April 22nd at 6:30 PM Warriors @ Dallas Mavericks


Game #4 Sunday, April 29th at 7:00 PM Dallas Mavericks @ Warriors


If San Jose Sharks/Nashville Predators Game #6 on April 22nd is necessary, the Warriors/Mavericks Game #1 will move to FSN PLUS.

If the Sharks are scheduled for a second-round playoff game on FSN BAY AREA on April 29 and conflicts with Warriors/Mavericks Game #4, Warriors/Mavericks will move to FSN PLUS.

ALL Warriors/Mavericks playoff games also available on ESPN or TNT.

We've watched the Warriors on FSN Bay Area through the dark times. Now it's time to watch them on our favorite Warriors' TV station BEAT THE MAVS IN THE PLAYOFFS!

Remember watching this one on FSN Bay Area last season?

(Did anyone besides Mike Montgomery not crack a smile?)