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Ballhype: Believe the Hype!

ballhype-beta.jpg   Today Ballhype, a sports news, social networking, and games site, launched as a public beta.

It's a sports hybrid social site influenced by Digg, Techmeme, and Facebook. There's also an incarnation of the popular, but sadly cancelled GSoM Picks and Posts on steroids for every sporting event (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, etc).

Ballhype is the product of GSoM friends Jason and Erin Gurney- two long time GSoMers, two of the many fine GSoMers at the first ever GSoM Night at The Oracle, two Warrior fans, two Bay Area folks, and two great people.


Head on over to Ballhype and show them some support by creating a free account.

After you create an account here's a couple things to do:

1) Join these groups:


Sign up for the Golden State of Mind Community group and we'll be able to track each other's submissions, hyped articles, and game picks.

2) Hype up the hottest sports articles from the web (ahem, GSoM articles and diaries).


3) Post your picks in the Games section for today's sporting events. Who's going to win tonight's NCAA Championship? Greg Oden and the Ohio State Buckeyes or Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Corey Brewer and the Florida Gators?

I'm going with Oden.

4) Add friends to see what they've hyped, discussed, or picked.

5) Add your favorite teams and blogs (ahem, GSoM!).

6) Represent the Bay Area, Warriors Nation, and GSoMers!

Ballhype = Sports on the Web 2.0.
Don't sleep!

Check out:

Hype around the web:

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