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The W Column: 10 Reasons to Throw Up That Playoff W!

After the Warriors finally ended the 12 year curse, we celebrated. Oh, we celebrated. It felt good to finally get the monkey off our back, but as GSoM friend Henry Abbott of's TrueHoop fame pointed out after the Warriors sealed the deal, we needed to get gritty:

You should go to Golden State of Mind today. It's a happy, happy place, and I'm thrilled for them. My only thought is: can you say happy to be there? Come on Golden State fans, WAKE UP! You're not going to beat the Dallas Mavericks with charm. Get gritty already. Hand out the awards when the season is over.

In this edition of The W Column on FSN Bay Area I attempt to get "gritty with it". Haha, okay there's still the usual bad jokes, but the point is that Warriors Nation shouldn't just be happy to finally be in the playoffs. We should all be happy that the Warriors have a very good chance of actually upsetting the Mavs in their quest for an NBA Championship. Here's 10 reasons why an upset is very possible.


Loyal GSoM community member DaAzNJRiCh already started off the list of reasons why the Warriors will win last night, but let's keep the reasons flowing. Why might the Warriors have a real chance of pulling off this upset? If you think they don't have any chance at all (which is perfectly fine and understandable), list those reasons as well.

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