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Fill Out Your Playoff Brackets!

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Nope the sky isn't falling, but the playoffs are coming! The playoffs are coming! The playoffs are coming! Yup and it's that time of the year again. Make sure to fill out your 2006-2007 NBA Playoffs Brackets over at Ballhype.

The grand prize from Ballhype is the new/old NBA rock, but just for fun let's do our own little GSoM competition. Whichever GSoMer gets the most points in the Ballhype Playoffs Pick'em Contest will win an item of their choice from the hot GSoM Store. Just make sure you're on the Golden State of Mind Community group on Ballhype.


My picks for the Leastern Conference


My crazy picks for the Wild, Wild, West


The NBA Finals are looking Sunny

Fill in your brackets on Ballhype and tell me how crazy my bracket is in the comments.

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UPDATE: You can monitor the GSoM Community's standings in the Playoffs Pick'em contest over here. Right now we're all tied for 1st place (bad joke!).

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