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Addicted to Playoff Predictions

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GSoM friend Ryan McNeill over at HoopsAddict rounded up over 30 of the top hoops bloggers for some serious playoff predictions. You don't want to miss them.

Here's the entire crew that pitched in:

Let's flip the script on over to you. Answer these questions in the comments:

  1. What lower seed has the best chance of pulling off a first round upset?

  2. What two teams will play in the Western Conference Finals?

  3. What two teams will play in the Eastern Conference Finals?

  4. What team will be crowned NBA Champs?

  5. Last spring Dwyane Wade used the Heat's run to the playoffs to cement his status as one of the NBA's top young players. Who do you think will grab the limelight this spring?

  6. Last year a lot of basketball fans let out a collective groan when Antoine Walker shimmied his way to a Championship. Is there a player this year who you don't want to see win a Championship?