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Catching Up with the Jones': 2007 NBA Playoff Podcast Preview

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J.E. Skeets and Tas run an extremely popular NBA Podcast over at The Basketball Jones. If you've never checked it out before you're missing out.


Skeets and Tas are all about the playoffs and rounded up some fine blogger representatives for a Podcast Preview of the 2007 NBA Playoffs. Definitely give all the previews a listen.

Leastern Conference


Wild, Wild, West


And of course there's a fun preview of the battle between the (8) Golden State Warriors and the (1) Dallas Mavericks. Our buddy Wes Cox from Mavs Moneyball repped the Mavs and I held it down for Dub Nation.

Some Highlights

  • Wes talks about Mavs fans being scared of the Golden State of Mind faithful- ooops, I mean Golden State Warriors. Seriously though, Wes is a classy guy. Show him some of that GSoM luv on his site if you post there.
  • Closet Warrior fans come out!
  • None of us can figure out why the Warriors OWN the Mavs.

Special thanks to J.E. Skeets and Tas for doing this great Podcast Playoff Preview and for having me on. Haha, did I really just do a playoff show?