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Post Game 1 Links

It was the first Warrior playoff game in 13 years, but more importantly it was their first playoff win in 15 years.

Nellieball = Playoffball

When Fantasy Junkie and I first turned on the game I told my man- "I did not turn on this TV to see the Warriors lose." Well, I did turn to these links to enjoy the W today:

  • Warriors 97, Dallas 85: Avery Johnson messes up–Can he fix it? [Talking Points with Tim Kawakami]: "Dallas lost face." 'nuff said.

  • Dallas will need epic Game 2 to regain momentum [Mercury]:
    Because Baron Davis owns the Mavericks. Stephen Jackson owns the Mavericks. And man oh man, Nelson owns the Mavericks.
    OWNZ IT!

  • Relieved Richardson [Hoop Junkie]: JRich's happy. Just wait...

  • Warriors Game rewind [Mercury]: Check this out if you missed the game. Then again if you're a Warriors fan and you missed the game you've probably already jumped off a cliff. How could you miss this game?!

  • Golden State 97, Dallas 85 [AP]: Nellie-
    "We knew if we could keep it close we could have a chance," he said. "This win gives us a lot of confidence, but this team has been to the championship and one loss is not going to affect them."
    But how about 7 wins out of 8?

  • Warriors deal stunning blow to Mavs [Mercury]: It's just getting re-Dirk-ulous!-
    Dirkster," Nelson called out in response to his former star pupil, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki. "I think we got your attention." "You already had it," Nowitzki said.

  • We Believe! [Fast Break]- A great recap of last night's big win.

  • Breaking Down the Match-Ups [Fast Break]: Our friend Adam forgot Warriors Fans v Mavs Fans, but this is still an excellent piece.

  • The Mavs’ Perspective [Fast Break]- The Mavs messed up on key #1 already.

  • TNT beats FSN 2-1 in Warriors rating [Morning Buzz]: Interesting tidbit in the comments:
    You know what is amazing? Dick Stockton was the network TV announcer for the Warriors last championship team in 1975….32 years ago. The guy has to be close to 70. Perhaps that is why he can’t keep names in his head anymore.- Philip

  • MVP MIA [TrueHoop]: MVP?
    [O]ut of everyone who suited up in last night's thrilling Dallas vs. Golden State game 1, the player with the worst plus/minus of them all was Dirk Nowitzki.

  • Game 1: All Good [TrueHoop]:
    with DeSagana Diop in the game, the Mavericks were +8. Without him, they were -20. Wonder if that's goodbye, small ball.
    The Mavs need to just play ball if they want to hang.

  • Someone Has The Mavs' Number [Deadspin]: Most importantly the magic number for the Warriors is now 3.

  • NBA Blogdome: Ain't That A Kick In The Head? [Deadspin]: You're gonna love the quote from AOL Fanhouse. Dallas = OUR HOUSE.

  • The Warriors: Our Starting Five [SFist]: It was written minutes before the game, but still a goodie from SFist.

  • Cause for Concern [SI's 2007 NBA Playoffs Blog]: My biggest concern right now is making sure I have time to watching Wednesday's game.

  • Mavs Resort to Climate-Related Sabotage [AOL FanHouse]: At least the Warriors were hot in their locker room because they should be shooting much, much better.

  • Stephen Jackson Spreads 'Em [AOL FanHouse]: Anyone else crack up when Jax does that pre-game dance?

  • History in the making? It's already happened [SFGate]:
    "The world is on their shoulders right now," said Matt Barnes, who delivered 10 points of clutch shooting off the bench. "They're still the best team in the NBA, they still got the MVP, they still won 67 games, but the pressure's on them."
    Nothing to lose!

  • Series sure seems like a reunion [SFGate]: This series is perfect for TNT. WE know drama.

  • Why Dirk Nowitzki sounded like a defeated man today [SFGate]: Dirk sounded defeated- because the Mavs lost!

  • And Now...We Wait [SFGate]: It's like Xmas eve for the next two days.

  • For those who are counting ... [Dallas Morning News]: Good thing Mavs fans don't whine-- muhahaha.

  • First impressions []: I think the Warriors made a great first impression.

  • Top seed hits bottom in Game 1 []:
    "It's certainly not going to be as easy as the sweep of Memphis a year ago."
    Tim Cowlishaw's right- the Warriors didn't face Memphis last year in the playoffs.

  • In Dallas: A Top Seed Upset? Hardly! [HoopsWorld]: Some great quotes.

  • Mavs have big question: whether to go big or small against Golden State [Inside Bay Area]: They should be asking themselves if they can win first.

  • Whoa Nellie: Teacher takes Game 1 [Contra Costa Times]: The chess match has just begun.

  • Mavs make a small mistake [Dallas Morning News]: Um, messing with the Dubs is a BIG mistake.

  • Warriors looking for more than respect [Contra Costa Times]:
    "Everybody on this team is feeling like we can do some damage, or make some noise, put our name out there," Richardson said. "People have forgotten the Golden State Warriors. So right now, we're playing for ourselves, the team and this organization, because ... most NBA fans, they still don't know the starting five of the Golden State Warriors. We're just getting our franchise back, our reputation back, letting people know we're a hard-playing team and an exciting team, like they had with (Chris) Mullin and them back in the day."
    Oh we know.

Boom Dizzle was on NBATV AND KTVU 2 last night.
Now that's ballin'.

Make sure to head on over to SBNation brother site Mavs Moneyball for more links on the festivity.

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