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GSoM All Over the Map!

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GSoMers were humming and coming in on all media angles last night in Dallas. This sign got some air time on TNT, FSN Bay Area, and KTVU Channel 2:

While the Mavs' fans were walking out, GSoMers stayed to represent.

The Dallas papers couldn't get enough of Warriors Nation either [Star-Telegram]:

Road Warriors

Not everybody wore Mavs blue and green at the AAC Sunday night. A half dozen or so were spotted wearing Warriors wear.

Ricky Martell of South San Francisco accepted a job transfer here with Bank of America just two weeks ago.

"I'm a huge Warriors fan," said Martell, 23, now living in Uptown Dallas. "I'm the envy of everybody back home."

Seated beneath the Budweiser sign behind Section 101, Martell held up a sign that read: I'm Just Happy To Be Here. Go Warriors."

He paid $150 for his ticket on

Across the arena sat fellow Golden State fan Zeb Benbrook, 16, of Oklahoma City. He wore a No. 31 Adonal Foyle jersey.

"[Foyle] doesn't play much anymore, but he's my favorite Warrior because he's a nice guy," said Benbrook, who was dropped off at the AAC by his mother, Doris, who then took daughter Katie, 11, to Medieval Times for a show.

Stephen "Action" Jackson after the game:

Also see:

Nellie: "I told you Avery- Don't sleep- GSoM IS THE SPOT!"
(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

keep this on the down low, but you DO NOT want to miss tomorrow's edition of the Oakland Tribune.