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Fan or Foe? GSoM lets you know...

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The upstart Warriors dominating win over Dallas Mavericks has got the streets watching!  People are begging the bandwagon to slow down so they can join in on the all the fun.  Being a Warrior fan has never felt this good or this popular.  

Case in point, sporting my throwback "City" jersey, I had people stopping me on the street asking to take pictures and to sign their chests!

Just kidding...

Angela Hill over at the Oakland Tribune shot us an email wondering how she could become a real Warrior fan. In one of her articles today, "Stop the Bandwagon....I'm getting on!," featured on page 2 of the front page section, Hill draws on several sources, one of them being GSoM, to help transform her from fairweather to the real deal.  

Here are some of our contributions...

3. A must for the fashionable fan is indeed a "City" jersey or commuter mug, key ring or doggie dish. "Nothing says 'fan' like spending 50-plus dollars in merchandise," according to the crew at the fan site

5. You must know to chant "We want Foyle!" in a blowout game. After every big win you yell, "Unstoppable, baby!" After every big loss you yell, "Unstoppable, baby!"
7. Eat garlic fries.

We guarantee that doing these three things, specifically number 5, will make you a true fan... a true fan of our site that is. Just kidding! 

Anyway, given the all the bandwagon chasing that has been going on lately, what do YOU think a new fan needs to do to prove their legitimacy as a fan of the hottest team in the NBA?

Thanks to KB for lookin out for us.  She posted this earlier in her diary "How to be a Warrior fan (GSoM mentioned)"