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PLAYOFF OPEN THREAD: Game #2 - Warriors @ Mavs - Spoilers?

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Warriors Lead 1-0

Time: 6:30pm PST


Radio: KNBR 1050

The whole world is watching and the Warriors are on center stage. People are hailing down the bandwagon or rather party bus begging for a ride; fans are fighting their fellow fans for tickets; and even Jessica Alba wants to a piece of this action at the Oracle. Yet, the national (and even local) media, though impressed by the Warriors win, are still claiming Mavs in 5. Heck, our coach thinks we got a a better chance of getting hit by lightening than winning the next game. If that's the case, what are the vegas odds of Warriors vs. lightening?

Just playing!

The Warriors aren't buying into the hype (or even anti-hype) that sports media has created. Nellie is at it again with his cooky strategic 'motivational strategies' and for good reason. Shocking the world with a game one win over Dallas (and then getting a B-list celebrity but an A-list 'honey'--pun intended--to attend game four), the Warriors still realize they haven't done anything yet. Which is not to say that the Warriors nation can't celebrate, but I guess it just depends on what you define as "success" for our Dubs. Amidst this maelstrom of doubt and mispronounced names, lets hope our Warriors respond to pressure in game two with as much vindictiveness as Agent Zero.

73874826GJ008_Mavs Practice
Nellie: "How long do I have to keep up this act?"
(Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

I think its safe to assume that the Mavs will make some adjustments after realizing their pre-game adjustment of starting Devean George was a near disaster on both ends of the floor. I suspect that Avery Johnson will do what everyone has been telling him, which is to revert back to their original game plan and throwing in one of their twin towers back into the starting lineup. Also, it is probably safe to say that the Warriors got a break in some ways in game one because of all the mistakes that Dallas made -- blowing wide open layups --which I suspect will happen far less in game two. In addition, the Warriors need to limit their turnovers and protect the ball better (see Ellis and Richardson). Dallas has equally feisty perimeter defenders --as we took note in game one--and can also pour on the points after turnovers as fast as we can, in a style very similar to our own.

More shut down defensive!
(Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

The one thing I fear is the reliance on shooting ourselves out of a in-game shooting slump. Contradiction? Apparently not for the Warriors. Although points off turnovers are our strength, breaking down the Mavs equally porous interior defense-- as demonstrated by several of Baron Davis' dribble drives-- were major momentum changers.

Flavor of the Month: Your Golden State Warriors
(Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

This is undoubtedly the most intriguing matchup of the playoffs so far with the most interesting subtexts and emotional narratives that anyone can get into. Will the Warriors win their first playoff series in over 17 years? Can a playoff series win give Warriors fans a feeling of reconciliation after all these years? Why do the Warriors own the Mavs? Will Nellie punish the Mavs organization for forcing him out years ago? Will Nowitski succumb to cultural mechanisms of the oedipus complex and sublimate his true self to patriarchal law, that is Nellie? Will Action Jackson's awesome team play -- broadcasted for the world to see on cable television -- be proof of his good citizenship? Will Jason Terry go "nuts" by punching someone again? What are people thinking about the Murphleavy trade now and could that heist be so good that it will be the plot for "Oceans 14: Getting two studs for nothing"? Will Jessica Alba bring some other fine celebrities to the game? Will we see more highlights like the ones in this clip?

(Thanks to djchuckdeez)

Vegas Odds: Dallas by 9.5 ( as of 8:22 am, PST)

The intrigue is endless. As we are glued to our television sets tonight, lets look out for these things:


  • Warriors by 3
  • Dallas makes most of their easy layups
  • JRich and Ellis shake off their first game jitters, hitting several big threes!
  • Action Jackson continues his spectacular play hitting open jumpers and helping his teammates get involved offensively. What a guy!
  • Several news reports say that Scarlett Johansson, Kerry Washington, and R&B sensation Mya have also purchased tickets to upcoming Warrior playoff games.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.


UPDATE: Some links to satisfy your Warrior fix before tip off tonight:

UPDATE 2: Warriors lose 99-112

Final Box Score

Stay tuned for the recap...