I beg all GSW fans going to Games 3 and/or 4, stay classy, please.

We cannot stoop to the level of those Homer Dallas fans. I urge all Warriors fans going to the game on Friday and Sunday to stay classy, we don't need to attack Cuban or Fatman. Cuban has no impact on the game whatsoever so we should leave him out of it. Chanting any sort of demonstrative things about Cuban will do nothing but show the nation how classless we are.

And as for the Fatman, we cannot let his comments get to us. He says the controversial things that he says because he gets ratings. Fatman doesn't have a ring, what does he know about winning? There is no need to chant things about the Fatman either because he will just talk more trash about how classless we fans are after the game on TNT insider and since most of the nation tunes in for that, it would be horrible to get the label of classless fans because the Fatman got under our skin.

Please, all fans going to the home games, please stay classy. I strongly believe we have more class than any other fan base in the NBA, let's prove it on Friday and Sunday night.

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