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The W Column: Projecting the Final Stretch

This season has been a crazy roller coaster of a ride so far for the Warriors and the final stretch isn't going to be any different. It's come down to this- 3 teams and only 2 playoff spots. In this edition of The W Column on FSN Bay Area I play Nostradamus and project the rest of the season for these 3 playoff contenders. Who's in and who's out? You'll just have to check out the column to find out!


Check out my projections for the Warriors, Clippers, and Nuggets and make sure to drop yours in the comments. Who's in and who's out?

Copy and paste these schedules with your projections filled in:

Golden State Warriors (currently 35-39)
April 4th @ Houston Rockets:
April 6th @ Memphis Grizzlies:
April 7th @ San Antonio Spurs:
April 9th vs Utah Jazz:
April 13th @ Sacramento Kings:
April 15th vs Minnesota Timberwolves:
April 17th vs Dallas Mavericks:
April 18th @ Portland Trailblazers:
Warriors Final Record:


LA Clippers (currently 36-37)
April 4th vs LA Lakers:
April 7th vs Denver Nuggets:
April 9th @ Dallas Mavericks:
April 10th @ New Orl/OKC Hornets:
April 12th @ LA Lakers:
April 13th vs Portland Trailblazers:
April 15th vs Sacramento Kings:
April 17th @ Phoenix Suns:
April 18th vs New Orl/OKC Hornets:
Clippers Final Record:


Denver Nuggets (currently 36-36)
April 3rd @ LA Lakers:
April 4th vs Sacramento Kings:
April 6th vs Dallas Mavericks:
April 7th @ LA Clippers:
April 9th vs LA Lakers:
April 11th @ Utah Jazz:
April 13th @ New Orl/OKC Hornets:
April 14th @ Memphis Grizzlies:
April 16th vs Minnesota Timberwolves:
April 18th @ San Antonio Spurs:
Nuggets Final Record:

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