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50x the TV Hoopin'

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Television commercials are usually excruciatingly painful to sit through (thank god for TiVo and the hidden 30 second skip button!), but hoop ad spots are a real diamond in the rough. Jared Wade over at did the entire online hoops junkie community a big service and compiled The 50 Best NBA Commercials of All Time that are currently hosted on YouTube.

Here's some of my personal favorites in no particular order:

Slam- My old coach couldn't dunk either, but neither can I.

(Runner up in last year's SBN Sneaker Ad Bracket)

Spike and Timmy- The colors are just so 90's fresh!

Godzilla vs . Barkley- Hoops folklore has it that Charles ate Godzilla after retirement.

Darius & Q- This Nike spot made Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson look like they were the next Jordan and Pippen. Well, that didn't exactly happen. Still, this Gang Starr laced commercial is ill.

Frozen Moment- You gotta love the MJ classic,

but the Lil' Penny parody is even better. By the way, word on the street is that Lil' Penny is going to be the executive producer of a new Tyra Banks' show titled America's Next Top Hoops Flop.

Umi Says- Mos Def laced this commercial with one of the smoothest hip hop tracks of all time.

Not a Role Model- Charles ain't a Jenny Craig model either.

Gheorghe Muresan Cologne- Props to anyone who can say which classic hip hop track this line is from "I come funkin up the spot like Michael Jordan's cologne".

Fun Police- Too bad the one with Googs isn't up on YouTube- "What's so fun about that guy?"

Lil' Penny- Penny, Lil' Penny, Tyra Banks, and Chris Rock can do no wrong in these commercial spots.

What are some of your favorites from the Top 50 list on