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OPEN THREAD: Game #76 - Warriors @ Grizzlies

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Warriors (W-L): 36-39

Grizzlies (W-L): 19-57

Time: 5:00pm PST


Radio: KSAN 107.7 FM

This is not the Biggest Game of the Year, but it sure is important. The Grizzlies are in the race for Oden/Durant sweepstakes and we should help them get there. The more losses the better for them at this point. The problem is, the Warriors seem to struggle with them. Last Sunday, the Warriors needed a 4th quarter comeback at home to beat the Grizzlies. And that was without Mike Miller.

Despite the win at Houston, I'm not convinced the Warriors are still not a good road team. It's going to be tough in Memphis, but it's certainly doable. Here's a few things they should do to win. First of all, Baron should not chew any gum this game so that the refs don't eject him for it. Second, someone has to guard Gasol and harass him like the Warriors harass big men. Third, keep creating turnovers. Hands everywhere, get in the passing lanes, and disrupt the flow of the offense. The Warriors forced 23 turnovers against Houston, so they should be able to create havoc against a much less talented team in Memphis.

Just like every game from here on out, this game is BIG. Let's do it. The playoffs are waiting us. A win gets us to within one of the idle Clippers and a loss pushes us back to 2 games with just 6 to go.

Playoff Push Update:

  • Dallas @ Denver: The Warriors are 2.5 games behind the Nuggs, and could really use some help from the top team in the West. Denver plays very little defense so expect a high scoring affair.
  • Lakers @ Seattle: The Warriors are 3 games behind the Lakers who killed us this past week by losing to both the Clippers and Nuggets. Thanks for nothing Kobe. It was your chance to make Warrior fans actually appreciate you for once and you blew it. Not that you care.

Vegas Odds: Warriors by 6.5 (as of 11:45am PST).


  • Warriors by 8.
  • Gasol does what he always does to the Warriors - light it up.
  • JRich kills it. He's been on fire lately and he keeps it up today.
  • Stephen Jackson gets more fouls than rebounds, but hands out 8 assists.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.


Update: Boxscore