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OPEN THREAD: Game #77 - Warriors @ Spurs

Warriors (W-L): 37-39

Spurs (W-L): 54-21

Time: 5:00PM PST tip off

Six Games Left. One game back.

Tonight the Warriors will step up to one of the hardest challenges remaining for them in the regular season. Tonight we face San Antonio in their house.

The last time we faced the Spurs, no more than five games ago in fact, the Warriors got hideously embarrassed in a 37 point loss in the Oracle. But since then, the fire has been lit.

Since we last stepped up (if you could call it that) to Parker, Duncan and company, we've gone on a four game win streak, two of against powerhouses such as Phoenix and Houston. Make no mistake, the Warriors have been doing a monumental job of fighting to good fight.

The crew is going to have to play a solid game tonight to keep this hope alive. Careful ball handling, aggressive offense, and impeccable defense, particularly against Parker and Duncan are all going to be the key to a victory tonight.

This is our chance to do what we all know can be done.

Bay Area; get up on your feet. The Warriors are coming out to play.

Vegas Odds: Spurs favored by 10.5

GSoM Prediction: No one wants to see us in the playoffs but us Dubs fans. We may be inconsistent, but there is a threat here, and the elite teams know it. The Spurs are going to bring their A game tonight. But we all know what a game like this in a position that we are in means. Warriors by 1.


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