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Recap: Warriors 99, Spurs 112 - Outplayed.

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Okay honestly, that would have been a stellar end to our three game road trip, but all is not lost. As I write this recap, the Nuggets are playing the Clippers and... well, okay the Nuggets are down by 9... But it's only the second quarter!

This is what it comes down to. After getting solidly put away by the Spurs tonight, Warriors fans across the Bay are reduced to resting our postseason hopes on the collapse of the Clippers. Unfortunately, the Clippers decided that this would be the best time to start up a win streak of their own.

Okay, I can't think about it anymore. What will be, will be and to be perfectly honest, it feels pretty good to even be in a position to worry like this so late in the regular season. It does us no good to rest our hopes on the Clippers' flaws.

Let's focus on our own.



The lesser employed "Roundhouse to the Face defense."

I can't really say a whole lot of positives or negatives about our performance tonight. At least, not any new stuff in any case. Considering the fact that the last time we played this team we lost by almost 40 points, I'd say that tonight was a considerable improvement in fact!

But alas, the Warriors do not seem to be a team that learns from their own mistakes. As the close of the season creeps up upon us, our dismal situation can be blamed on 4 or 5 consistent flaws in our game strategy the plagues us seemingly every other game!

Shooting from beyond the line tonight was totally unacceptable. Collectively, the team went 11-32 with Jackson going 1 for 7 while Baron and Barnes went 1 for 4 each. I can't say this to our boys enough. If you can't make it, DON'T TAKE IT! Now I'm not saying that they have to go 100% beyond the arc, but they need to learn when to try something different!


"Hey Mr. Owl! How many bricks does it take to get to the center of the key?"

Our lack of offensive presence on the inside took its toll again tonight. We ended up at the charity stripe a mere 14 times tonight; less than half of the Spurs. In fact, the Spurs made 50% more free throws tonight that our total appearances at the line! Free throws = free points. Get in there and drive the ball! They'll hit your wrist sometimes. I promise.

Tonight was simply a night where the mediocre version of the Warriors simply would not do. Regardless of what may happen in the rest of this season, the Warriors need to solve their woes of inconsistency. They must be one of the only teams in the league that can upset elite teams while dropping to the bottom feeders. Vegas must hate these guys.

Say a little prayer Warriors nation. We need a "Nugget" of hope tonight. Because we just got outshot, outrebounded, outassisted, outstealed, outblocked... and outplayed.


Jason Richardson tonight, with an honorable mention for a well put together game by TMNT. When it came down to the right shots at the right time, they had some bullets in their guns. Keep the faith guys! The Promised Land is coming.

UPDATE: Nuggets beat the Clippers, 96-93! Check out the Final Box Score.