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Warriors (W-L): 37-40

Jazz (W-L): 48-28

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off

TV: Fox Sports Bay Area

Radio: 1050 KNBR


This might seem overly dramatic, but the Warriors playoff chances hinges on them winning this game or the tank theory, meaning that the Clippers and Lakers end up dropping all of their upcoming games.  I think we can all agree that the latter happening is like the Warriors making the playoffs... oh ... hmm...

But the 78th game of the season is even huger because GSoM will be in FULL EFFECT tonight.  Yes, dj fuzzylogic is joining Atma, FJ, Hash, and Yaobuttaming tonight, high fiving in section 101, row 9, seats 7-10.  My return is as big as when JRich came off the injured list; it is bigger than the self-proclaimed hype of "The return of the mack" Mark Morrison; and it is as big as the return of the Wu-Tang clan, new album coming soon!  Anyway, back to sports...

Luckily for the Warriors, the Jazz are without AK47 (thumb) tonight, though that hasn't really hindred them this season.  The Jazz are a difficult match up with a bench that runs as deep as the Warriors.  Carlos Boozer is an inside outside threat every night and Deron Williams, whose emergence this season has people saying he's a potential perennial All-Star, is a big physical guard in the mold of our own Baron Davis (with part Jason Kidd if you ask me).  For some proof of some major damage:

Whereas Atma is more concerned with their inside threats, I find their outside shooting more threatening than anything.  Giricek, Okur, and Harpring all can hit from downtown.  I, for one, know first hand.  A homie and I used to play NBA 2K and apparently the secret trick of game was using Harpring and setting him up at the left side of the three point arc (remember when you could do that for the old Nintendo game "Double Dribble").  Like Marc Jackson in a blowout, Harpring is (potentially) "Unstoppable Baby!"  

However, the Warriors are playing at the Oracle where they are an outstanding 27-11 and we can usually expect a win, barring some crazy ejections or fouls.  Some warnings: Baron is listed day-to-day and JRich suffered a slight ankle sprain and might be out for tonight.  Let's hope they can play through the pain if just for a little bit.  

Vegas odds:  Warriors by 5 ( @ 3:15 pst)

* Warriors by 7
* 29+ assists by the Warriors (Davis, Ellis, and Jackson each get 7+)
* Ellis picks up the slack and goes for 29-6-4, but has 3 turnovers
* Harpring goes for 27
* I finally get my Monta throwback!!!

Also, don't forget to check out these games while you're at it.
Clippers @ Mavs (5:30pm)
Lakers @ Nuggets (6pm)

And check out the GS Lightening bboy squad, who perform at several home games per season.  Recently featured on ABC 7 News, they will be performing tonight!  In addition, Dj Mind Motion of KMEL fame will be playing as well.  

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.


Warriors Win!! 126-102

With the Clippers' loss the Warriors are currently in the 8th spot in the West!

We've got some fresh multimedia goodies in store thanks to some friends, so stay tuned for the Recap!


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