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Post Game 3 Links (Round 2)

There's an old saying in the NBA that a playoff series doesn't start until a team wins one on the road.

So who cares that the Warriors are down 2-1?

This playoff series hasn't even started yet.

Yeah fellas-

your nightmare has just begun.

On to the linkage:


Also make sure to check out these fun cartoon posters from the Mercury (PDF's):


And in case you didn't see The Dunk:

Believe me- BD and AK47 weren't the only 2 people in the Arena standing up after that dunk.

Video - "Baron shoves it down on Kirilenko's head" [Ballhype]

  • A defining dunk that won't be soon forgotten [SFGate]:
    "At least I got in the poster," said a rueful Kirilenko.

    "Man, that was incredible," Al Harrington said. "That was old B-Diddy, when he was in Charlotte. That was incredible."

    Another eyewitness, Jason Richardson, said, "That had to be the greatest dunk I've ever seen with my eyes, in person."

    "I shocked myself on that dunk," Davis said. "I beat Deron Williams, and once I got my balance, I saw Kirilenko (coming to help from the weak side). Knowing he's a great shot-blocker, I was trying my luck, and I got lucky. ... I'm surprised it went in. I didn't know it went in until I saw Matt Barnes' expression."

This is how a shocked man looks after throwing it down.

* Photos: REUTERS/Kimberly White, AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez/ Jeff Chiu

Thanks to the GSoM community and Ballhype for making it 100x easier to assemble this linkfest.

Tomorrow 20,655 vs 5 resumes...

2007 NBA Playoffs Round 2: Warriors vs Jazz

Make this linkfest stronger by dropping any hot links about this series in the comments.

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