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GSoM Interviews with Deadspin and Utah Jazz Blog

Because of all the pregame hype for Game 6 of the 1st round series with the Mavs, we didn't get a chance to properly highlight our interview at Deadspin, the web's top sports blog. In case you missed it definitely check it out: Crunch Time For The Warriors ... And Their Fans!

Special thanks to Will for having us on his primetime show.

Just last week Layton Shumway from Utah Jazz Blog did a great Q&A with us. It was our turn this past weekend before Game 4 against the Jazz, as DJ Fuzzylogic and I repped GSoM and Warriors Nation in a Q&A over at Utah Jazz Blog. Head on over to Utah Jazz Blog to read our Q&A.

We just wanted to thank Layton for trading Q&A's with us. There's definitely some knowledgeable folks in the Jazz fanbase.

Let's flip the script. What are your answers to these questions from our Q&A with Utah Jazz Blog?

  • What was your first thought when you heard you’d be playing the Jazz? What concept or opinion did you have of the Jazz as a team and how has it changed thus far?
  • Break down the huge mid-season trade for the Warriors. What did you think about it at the time, and how do you feel about it now?
  • Which player or players on the Jazz have surprised or scared you with their play? Who don’t you fear?
  • What similarities do you see between the Jazz and the Warriors? What differences?
  • Describe the merits of "Nellie-ball." How does the style of play make the Warriors more dangerous? What effect does this style have on the fans?
  • Oakland has long relished its bad boy image, with the A’s and Raiders as well as the Warriors. Where does this come from, and how is it reflected in the current Warriors team?
  • Describe Stephen Jackson’s role on the Warriors, as well as his reputation around the league. Is his reputation justified?
  • Oracle Arena has only recently come into the national conversation as a tough place to play. What sets Oracle apart from the EnergySolutions Arena, Arco Arena or other tough road venues?

Share your answers in the comments section.

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