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Post Game 4 Links (Round 2)

Nellie needs to make changes in Game 5.

This is not how it was supposed to go. Except for Game 3, the Warriors have not looked good against the Jazz. Games 1 and 2 were close despite the Warriors not looking like their normal selves. Game 3 brought us hope that the Dubs would hang with the Jazz and take the series back to Utah tied at 2. Then after 3 quarters in Game 4, the Warriors with a 3 point lead, it all fell apart. It was like the Jazz were just waiting until the 4th to really put it to the Warriors because it just got ugly out there. Game 5 is in Utah on Tuesday and it's the Warriors first series elimination game. Let's see how they respond.

Nevertheless, here's the linkage:

When are they going to attack the basket?


No matter what happens, Dubs have to keep fighting with the bigs from Utah.

99.97% of these links were made possible because of Ballhype.

Warriors vs Utah Series

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Almost but not quite

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