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PLAYOFF OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Jazz - The Ultimate Birthday Gift.


It's our time.

Jazz Lead 3-1

Time: 7:30pm


Radio: KNBR 1050

It seems like throughout the course of this season nothing has come to us the easy way. Hell even the postseason came to us on the final day of the regular season! We've been through some serious downs, and some serious ups.

Tonight is no different.

I don't have to tell you what tonight means. The Warriors are in a very challenging position right now. Tonight we can bring this magnificent season to a grinding halt, or we can step into Energy Solutions, dismantle the Jazz, and give Nellie the best birthday ever.


Not too many pictures of Nellie with a pointy birthday hat out there... Happy 67th nonetheless!

I hate to say it, but for much of Warriors Nation, complacency has set in. This could not have been more transparent at the Arena on Sunday from the energy of the crowd. Yes, we have shattered expectations for this season but acceptance for our current situation will not stand. This team has bared its heart and soul to us this year; anything less than full energy and emotion from us in this moment they need us most is unacceptable!!!

Get out tonight and watch this game among friends. Don your yellow shirts. Wave your Warrior towels. Eat that Tim and Chris (Chris and Tim) burger you've been saving in that glass case for 13 years! Our boys may be in Utah tonight, but that doesn't mean they won't hear us! (I'm assuming no one reading this is a Physics professor.)

The fat lady hasn't sung yet. She hasn't even entered the building. Ideally, the door to the building is built really small so that she can't even fit through it. Sure, her entourage will probably try to push her through it, potentially employing the use of various slippery substances such as oil and/or butter, but in the end she will not succeed. She would be forced to take the walk of shame back to her car, unable to perform said singing duties. Which begs the question, if she can't fit though a door designed for 7 foot basketball players, what kind of car exactly does she drive?! But that is for a different post...

We need our guys to come BIG tonight. I'm talking Baron dunking over AK-47 big. Limit the one on one play, box out to the best of our ability, and for the love of god make our free throws and I'm confident that there's only one lady we'll hear from tonight...


Seriously though. Marry me. I will feed you grapes.

On your feet tonight. Our Warriors need us.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.

UPDATE: Check out GSoM friend Tim Kawakami's post for some more pre-game thoughts: Baron’s cleared to play, Warriors look loose: I’m getting a weird feeling about Game 5

UPDATE 2: The Warriors' great season has come to an end, but it's just the beginning...


Stay tuned for the Recap!

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