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PLAYOFF RECAP: Warriors 87, Jazz 100 - This is just the beginning...

Yo, you think we should guard somebody?

The final Warriors' recap of the season comes in game #93. We knew this season would be like a roller coaster and tonight the ride has come to an end. Frustrated, upset, sad, empty. Yea that's how I feel right now. Losing in the playoffs hurts much more than a season ending at game #82. But the joys experienced in games #83-#93 were worth it. So, I'll mourn the season for a bit, then sit back and think about what an amazing time I've had, especially the last 2 months. But you know what? Even though the season is over, this is just the beginning.

On to the game
This whole Utah series has been extremely frustrating and tonight was no different. The Warriors weren't hitting their shots; a lack of contributions from our key players and poor execution all contributed to the L.

Missed Shots
What's the saying? Couldn't hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach? That's what it felt like tonight. As a team we shot 36.4% from the field and 20% (6-30) from the three. That's our team though. We live and die by the three. We had a lot of open looks from three point land, but we just didn't knock them down. With our backs against the wall, we came out firing, but the shots just weren't going down for us. The difference came in the 4th quarter again. Derek Fisher drained his shots just when the Warriors would get within one possession of tying or taking the lead. It was demoralizing because as soon as you think the Warriors are about to get hot and go on a run, the Jazz scored to end it.

Just not enough tonight

Lack of Contributions
Jason Richardson, where did you go? 1-7 from 3 point territory, just 13 points in the game, a couple miscues on defense, and just not looking like the JRich we all know and love.

Stephen Jackson, 3-17 and then jacks up more 3's in the 4th. I don't think he took a shot inside of 20 feet in crunch time. He was 9-9 from the line and he's going to shoot jumpers? Ugh.

Mickael Pietrus has been non-existent this whole series except for game 3. 1 point and 1 rebound in 15 minutes tonight. If nothing else, he's supposed to come in, rebound and defend, he did neither tonight.

You know it's funny that we kept saying, when Al and Monta step up, this team is going to be dangerous. Well Al and Monta stepped up the past couple games, but the other key contributors couldn't sustain the same level of play from the Mavs series. So against the Jazz, we never really saw what this team hitting on all cylinders.

Poor Execution
They reverted back to the Warriors of old tonight and it had to be because the Jazz just tired them out with their physical play. In the 4th quarter, there was no movement on offense, just one on one and throw up a shot. When players get tired they don't go to the hole, they start shooting jumpers. That's exactly what happened tonight. Not only are the Warriors in love with the 3, but when you're tired, taking that 3 is so much easier than penetrating and dishing. Also, how many times did the Warriors completely blow a fast break opportunity? It must have been at least 5 times that they had a 3 on 2 or a 2 on 1 and turned the ball over. For a team that needs fast break points to stay in the game, you're just giving away buckets.

So I'm frustrated with how the Warriors played tonight because I know they could have played much better. Had they executed like we all know they can, this season wouldn't be over and I would be going back to the Oracle on Thursday to cheer them on one more time with the fans again.

Baron and Jax applaud the Utah fans

Congrats to the Jazz
The Jazz played a great series. They played hard and deserved to win. The series really came down to who could execute in the last 6 minutes of a game. Whenever it came to that point, the Jazz were the ones hitting the big shots and coming up with key defensive stops. The Warriors seemed to tighten up and lose focus. No matter who the Jazz face in the next round, it's going to be a tough series. The Jazz are tough and Jerry Sloan will have them prepared.

Great run, great season, great team.
It's been fun Warrior fans. This team has exceeded all of our expectations and brought joy where there was none before. It had been 13 years. 13 long loooong years. We stayed true to our team and were rewarded handsomely. There are good teams and players that make the playoffs but have not won a playoff game or got out of the first round. This Warriors team shocked the world and are finally getting the respect they've earned. Even us fans who stayed loyal to the team through thick and thin are getting the recognition of major media outlets. Like I wrote before, this is just the beginning.

The Beginning?
Yup, the beginning. The team was never supposed to make it this far. Heck, we barely made the playoffs. But there's a lot to build on from this final run. We know what this team can do when healthy and you can be sure we'll get some more firepower in the offseason. The core is back for next year so expect more of the same run and gun style. I'm sure Nellie will make some adjustments in his game plans, you'll see the growth of Biedrins and Monta, and Jackson and Harrington will have a full camp to practice under Nellie. So when I say this is just the beginning. You can count on it. We only go up from here.

I can't really give it to any one person in particular so I'll give it to everyone at GSoM. Thank you guys for making this a memorable season. You have truly been great to us with all of your diaries and comments. I never wanted this season to end because the playoff run has instilled a new energy into the site. I hope we can carry this energy forward into the offseason and next season. You can be sure next season will be even better for the Warriors and for GSoM. I'm proud to be a Warrior fan, always have been, always will. This season has made it that much more rewarding.

Stay tuned to GSoM, you can be sure we'll keep you up to date on 2007 draft and offseason news.

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