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Is Nellie Returning?

Say it ain't so

What's this? Just a couple days after the Warriors get ousted from the playoffs Coach Don Nelson is not sure if he'll be around for next season. He did sign a 3 year contract but I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. The man was relaxing in Hawaii for a year and then endured the rigors of an NBA playoff season and postseason. Maybe it's the sting from the series loss to Utah, maybe it's that he just tired, maybe he just doesn't want to do it anymore. Whatever it is, I think it's just Nellie being Nellie. What would his final press conference of the season be like without the entertainment?

I'm kind of anticipating coming back, but I'm not sure," said Nelson, who turned 67 on Tuesday. "It's just whether I want to put my body and mind through another tough year or two. That would be the main issue."

"I think it was really important that I came here. I'm not so sure it's important that I stay," said Nelson, who has two years and $6.2 million left on his contract. "This is wonderful, but it's hard."

The players packed their bags and might be losing their coach

The players are certainly shocked and you can't blame them. I'm sure most of them are looking to build on this season and make a deeper run into the playoffs next year. In their minds, that run includes Nellie.

"I couldn't believe that," Stephen Jackson said. "It's shocking to me, but hopefully it's just the way he feels right now. Hopefully, by the time the season starts, he'll be on the bench."

"I hope and pray that coach does come back," said Davis. "We love him here. He's the reason why we made the playoffs, the reason why a lot of guys are happy and excited about basketball."

Nelson is giving himself until July 1st to decide. He's going to go back to Hawaii and talk things over with his wife, Joy, to decide on what his future holds.

Losing Nellie would be a blow to the organization. If he leaves, the Warriors would have to bring in their 3rd coach in as many years. That's a lot of change for the players to have to adjust their game once again. The team right now is built for Nellie's style of play. Mullin got rid of the slow guys and brought in more athletic players. He's going to rework the roster even further in the offseason to suit the small ball style. Next season won't be the same without Nellie, and right now, I'm predicting he stays.

Is he staying or is he going?

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