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Online Warrior Song Compilation! It's better than Jock Jams!

The Bay is highly underrepresented if not invisible in our country's hip-hop imaginary. Case in point, a Detroit hip-hop music station's dj earlier this year said "E-40, an up and coming artist out of Atlanta..." which the other dj corrected her: " know E-40s been puttin' it down for over a decade now right? And he's from the Bay Area." First dj replies, "Really? Whatever..."

bay bridge
Like our hip-hop music and culture, our bridges are also slept on across the country
(photo courtesy of "lomtick: nate chongsiriwatana's cross section of crap")

Those in the know, however, know the bay sound is more than just hyphy; it's a historically culturally (and politically) rich space of hybridities and syncretisms in 'mainstream' and underground hip-hop music scenes, and now professional sports anthems! Here is a run down of some of the bay area slapz to help you reminisce of the Warriors playoff run. People need to stop sleeping on the bay and here are some reasons why! Thanks to our community for documenting the various tracks.

"Warriors are Cute" -- sleepweLL sounds
"The Warriors are hot, but sometime they not." A humorous but, in my opinion, honest look at the Warriors. Takes Mims and makes it so bay wid it!

"We got 5 on it!" -- San Quinn and others.
"If the tickets aren't affordable, then the TV entertains..." Ain't that the truth! Any rap song that can talk about overpriced tickets and pick and roll deserves mention.

"N.E.W Warriors"
-- Mistah FAB
"Dallas was hot, but we BAAALLLLLLIN!" Much better look than Mistah FAB's promo for "King of Queens."

"Hell Yeah!" (JRich remix) -- San Quinn
The intro features San Quinn talking about fan favorite JRich. A hot remix of an already hot song.

"Holla @cha Boy" (Warriors Remix) -- Ya Boy
"Matt Barnes with Shaq Arms" might be an overstatement, but there were times when Matt Barnes was the Warriors best option in the middle (defensive and offensive) versus Dallas.

Warriors -- Trackrunners
"There's Baron Davis, my girlfriend's favorite." Isn't that everyone's story? Damnit.

Warriors Hat Song -- bace135
"I'm gonna wear my Warrior's hat to-daaaay... boom bi di bap boom bi di baaaaaaaay!" Funny ass song, but diverges from the rest in that it talks about a specific article of clothing. Wonder why there hasn't been a song about throwback jerseys?

Golden State of Mind
-- Lanksey prod. by Dee-dot
Fresh resignification of John Tesh's NBA on NBC anthem. Don't believe, click above! Check the other songs from Lansky. Deedot's production is on-point, I thought it was Diamond D for a second.

Warriors (what is the name of this song?) - Jamal Mall-N-Drawls Robinson, Mike Spiderman Robinson, and Star Celebration Band.
"Warrior girls, beautiful, DAMN!" This might be the first song that the Warriors girls get a shout. About time! The slideshow that accompanies the video is created by Sunsgossip.

Playoff Song and Playoff Song pt 2 -- Mac and Murph show

Here are a few hilarious songs from the fans of the opponent we beat down pretty convincingly in round one. Duce Blaque (Dallas equivalent to MC Hammer?) and Lil Romeo .. er... I mean, Bentley Green represent Dallas' finest when it comes to hip-hop music.

"Ready for the Mavs" - Duce Blaque
Duce Blaque makes his xlarge jersey look like its extra medium. GSoM members offered some hilarious commentary about the video. My question: Are those the Mavs' dancers or did he hire his own set of video vixens for the shoot? Also, are the cars (random set of affordable American cars of various years) in the background purposely in the video to show off all his luxury vehicles (a standard in most videos) or are they just there because he shot the video on a random lot? If either case is true, that's bad taste.

We Fly High - Bently Green
"We fly high like Americans airlines. That's why we play in the American Airlines." Is this one of Lil Romeo's original promo videos?

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