The Official GSoM "Predict the Lottery" Contest

Well, this would be a lot more fun if we were in on Tuesday's draft lottery festivities, but let's give it a go anyway. If nothing else it's a distraction from the procession of outlandish trade proposals here (I mean, sheesh, Harrington for Artest? Be serious!) All you have to do is correctly pick the Top 3 teams in the draft. The winner receives the same glittering prize the GSoM Fantasy League winner got: that is, a lifetime free membership to GSoM, a free webpin of your choice, and Coma's personal e-mail address.

Anyway, here's my pix:

  1. Portland. The fix is in from Nike in Beaverton.
  2. Chicago. Which would mean Isiah Thomas would have essentially traded the Bulls Tyrus Thomas and Kevin Durant for a fat center who can't rebound or block shots and has a heart condition.
  3. Boston. Bill Simmons actually, truly sets himself on fire.
For reference, I'm listing the probabilities of each team getting the #1 pick (yes, strangely, they add up to 100%). Percentages for picks #2 and 3 and other info on the lottery can be found on Wikipedia.

25.0% Memphis
19.9% Boston
15.6% Milwaukee
11.9% Seattle
8.8% Atlanta
6.3% Minnesota
4.3% Portland
2.8% New York
1.7% Charlotte
1.1% Sacramento
0.8% Philadelphia
0.7% New Orleans
0.6% Indiana
0.5% LA Clippers

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