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Matt "Mohawk" Barnes Would Be Hyped!

ballhype-beta.jpg   During this wildly exciting Warriors playoff run, we all adopted the mantra WE BELIEVE. Well, no one believed quite like GSoM friend Jason Gurney of Ballhype fame.

He placed a little wager with his brother, a diehard Utah Jazz fan (yes, they do exist), on the 2nd round series. If the Warriors lost, Jason would have to get a Matt Barnes-style mohawk. Unfortunately, the Warriors' great run came to an end against the Jazz and Jason had to get mohawked up (the equivalent of getting faded up). Fortunately, this made for a classic and memorable YouTube clip. Check it out:

If you don't blink you'll catch 3 very handsome We Believe GSoMers!

Props to Jason for being a good sport and assembling a fun video. Also, shout out to Markstyle in Menlo Park! They always hook this brown man up with a tight fade.

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