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We're Mocking You: NBA Mock Drafts 2007- 1st Edition

"We're Mocking You"? Our lame attempt at clowning the already clownable tank-job Danny Ainge and his 22 and under Boston Celtics?

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Check out:

Nope, even better. It's our new segment at GSoM that gives you an insane amount of gossipy NBA Mock Drafts all in one easy to swallow pill.

As a Warriors' blog with over 2 years in the bag, it's no surprise that the NBA Draft is one of GSoM's specialties. Heck, the Warriors OWN the draft. Well, not in the sense that they draft well (that's FAR from the truth), but in the sense that the NBA Draft Lottery and the NBA Draft are usually the equivalent of the playoffs for the Warriors and at GSoM we know playoffs (both types).

Even though the Warriors are coming off their first non-lottery finish in over a decade, there's no question that June 28th is still going to be a big day for the Warriors and the GSoM community. Will Nellie work some lottery magic a la Latrell Sprewell at #24 in 1992 and Josh Howard #29 in 2003? Will the Warriors make a blockbuster draft day deal?

For the GSoMers who haven't been part of the community since last June two things to keep your eyes open for:

  • The 3rd annual GSoM live blogging of the NBA Draft: If you've never participated in this fun summer day at GSoM, they you've never really experienced an NBA Draft. If you've been a part of the festivities in the past here at GSoM, it's going to be even bigger and badder this year.

  • The 3rd annual GSoM "Who do you want the Warriors to draft?" poll: Be on the lookout for our community poll where you can decide who the Warriors take with their 1st round selection. I'm not even kidding. For the past two NBA drafts whoever the GSoM community has chosen in this poll, the Warriors have ended up taking. Coincidence? Hmmmm...

    For the record, neither of the winners of the GSoM poll have been the players I personally wanted the Warriors to select. In the 2005 NBA Draft I wanted the Warriors to select Hakim Warrick and in 2006 I was all about Rodney Carney. Instead, the Warriors and GSoM community members opted for Ike Diogu and Patrick O'Bryant respectively

Unless the Warriors move up to ignite The Movement (more on that soon) or trade away their pick in a blockbuster deal, it looks like they'll will be picking at the18th spot in the 1st round and #36 overall in the 2nd round.

Let's get this fresh new "We're Mocking You" segment kicked off with a survey of some of the full 2007 NBA Mock Drafts out there right now and who they have the Warriors selecting.

  • ESPN (Chad Ford): #18 Jason Smith
    Smith is the perfect type of player for Nellie. He is tall and athletic, gets up and down the floor and can score from just about anywhere on the floor. He also plays with great energy. Smith could be a real sleeper in the draft.

  • (Chris Ekstrand): #18 Rodney Stuckey
    One of the better-kept secrets in college basketball the last two years, the explosive Stuckey can play both guard spots and has an NBA-ready body. He averaged better than 24 points per game both seasons and he has the reputation of being able to finish plays at the rim. It's difficult to imagine the Warriors drafting anyone without superb athletic ability.

  • #18 Rudy Fernández, #36 Bobby Brown (by the way, anyone know what his prerogative is?)

  • HoopsHype (powered by DraftExpress): #18 Josh McRoberts (um, I don't think so)
    Smart and versatile power forward could have been drafted very high two years ago already. Fairly athletic. Runs the floor well, finishes strong and shows nice potential offensively both facing and with his back to the basket. Possesses soft touch, a good frame and sure hands. Fully ambidextrous and shows it off with his excellent ballhandling and passing skills. Not quite as ambitious offensively as you might hope. His production has been fairly disappointing at times. Doesn't really want to be a go-to guy at the NCAA level and projects as more of a complementary guy as a pro. Many question his heart and mental toughness.
    Aw yes another "smart and versatile" Duke player going to the Warriors. Hopefully the Warriors learned their lesson.

  • DraftExpress: #18 Rudy Fernández

  • #18 Thaddeus Young

  • HoopsAddict: #18 Josh McRoberts (um, I really don't think so)
    For all of the Warrior’s second season success the team was exposed as undersized on the block. Nellie and Warrior big shot Chris Mullin go with size with McRoberts who is climbing the Draft board for being versatile enough to offensively step outside and run in transition while earning seasoned impetus via the ACC to deal successfully with in the paint beat downs.

  • Winning the Turnover Battle: #18 Thaddeus Young
    Golden State Warriors
    Team Needs: Small Forward
    Possibilities: Thaddeus Young, Arron Afflalo, Rudy Fernandez, Alando Tucker
    Analysis: Matt Barnes is going to leave this summer, and Monta Ellis may not be far behind next offseason. The Warriors, as odd as it may sound, will need to address the need here and get a swingman to step in for Barnes. Thaddeus Young is a huge value at this spot.
    The Pick: Thaddeus Young

The mock draft links in this feature are going to grow exponentially as we approach the June 28th date. Stay tuned for a whole lot more mock drafts that probably won't come true! (But honestly, how can you not love these silly mock drafts especially now that the NBA season is over?)

Assuming the Warriors keep their picks, who should they select at the #18 and #36 spots?

Help make this We're Mocking You: NBA Mock Drafts 2007 edition even stronger by posting links to excellent mock drafts around the web in the comments.

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