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Rumor: Warriors Likely to Deal Richardson, Ellis, or Pietrus and O'Bryant

Here's tidbit from blogger hater and rumor generator Sam Smith of

A golden state? The Warriors are likely to deal Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis or Mickeal Pietrus because they all play the same position. Meanwhile, it's clear Don Nelson will never play Bradley's Patrick O'Bryant, the No. 9 pick in the 2006 draft, who might be worth a shot for someone with a low first-round pick.

It's tough to say whether Smith has any real inside knowledge of the Warriors, though he often likes to write like he does. Remember this is the same guy who manufactured the utterly ridiculous "inside knowledge" that JRich was telling his friends in late March when the Warriors were in the middle of a huge playoff run that he was hoping for a trade to the Pistons or Bulls (see Rumor: Jason Richardson Wants to Go to the Pistons or Bulls and Sam Smith is Messed Up).

However, there is probably some truth in Smith's thought that some of these players won't be playing in the Bay next season. It would be pretty surprising if the Warriors held onto JRich, Ellis to the Rim, MP2, and The Notorious P.O.B collectively. That's a quarter of the roster filled with off guards and one very raw project who has shown no signs of panning out for the Warriors.

Restricted free agent Pietrus could fool some teams like the Toronto Raptors into overpaying. Hopefully, Nellie stops Mullin from matching any ridiculous offers Pietrus might get on the open market.

It would be mighty impressive and defy the odds if the Dubs could turn O'Bryant (the Warriors' 2 million dollar D-League wonder) into a a low 1st round pick in this loaded upcoming draft, but then again they did find someone in the league stupid enough to take on both Dunmurphy contracts. You really never know what can happen and that's what makes the offseason so much fun.

Do you think Richardson, Ellis, Pietrus, and O'Bryant will all be Warriors next year? Who do you think is the most likely to be moved? The least likely?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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