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Rumor: Hot Rod to Charlotte?

According to Marc Stein of Golden State Warriors GM Rod Higgins is most likely headed to the Charlotte Bobcats:

Jordan has asked for and received permission from the Warriors to interview Higgins, according to NBA front-office sources.

Barring an unexpected snag, MJ is expected to formally hire Higgins soon as well, which shouldn't be too surprising given that Higgins served as an assistant GM to Jordan and Wes Unseld in Washington for two-plus seasons.

It's really hard to understand the consequences of Higgins leaving the Warriors. His official title for the Dubs is General Manager, but Chris Mullin and Don Nelson are probably the ones who call all the shots. To tell you the truth if Higgins bolts for Charlotte I see very little consequences for the Warriors.

It's also a head scratcher that the BETcats want to hand their GM reins to Higgins. The last time he teamed up with his friend Michael Jordan to manage the Washington Wizards, the results weren't exactly on par with MJ and Scottie Pippen. Let's not forget that during his tenure as the figurehead GM of the Warriors there have been a ton of player personnel blunders. The NBA management scene really is an old boy network.

Do you see any consequences for the Warriors if Rod Higgins moves on to the Bobcats?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

UPDATE: Check out GSoM friend Tim Kawakami's thoughts on the possibility of Higgins leaving the Warriors- If Rod Higgins leaves the Warriors, what happens next?

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