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The Greatest Interview Ever

Okay maybe that title is stretching it a little, but recently I was interviewed by Vince Morales over at Dream League, an Asian community basketball league. We covered a few topics such as Golden State of Mind's roots, some of the philosophy behind GSoM, and how our Dream League team is doing. In fact, it was a lot of fun and might be a recurring thing just to talk hoops, Warriors, NBA, and Dream League.

If you haven't heard of Dream League, it's an Asian community basketball league in the Bay Area run by a single guy, Rich Twu. Currently there are somewhere around 95 teams spilt into 9 divisions with some serious ballers in the upper levels. These are former college players and some of the top amateurs. Both Atma and I have played the last 2 seasons (each season is about 3 months) and it has brought back some competitive fire. I'll admit, we've struggled quite a bit but we're slowly improving and adjusting to playing an officiated game after playing pickup hoops for a few years. Anyways, our team is remarkably similar to the Warriors in that we have one big man surrounded by a bunch of guards and small forwards. We also ball in one of the divisions that the big guys play in so we have to play tough D, try to outrun them, and shoot well to win. We even employed the 3-2 zone that Nellie was using during the playoff run. In fact I was watching Warriors games to figure out how to run it!

So make sure to check out the interview I had a lot of fun doing it. Here's a little snippet of the interview.

V: Seems like you have a lot of key responsibilities. Do you guys get paid for your efforts, or is this just a labor of love like the Dream League?

FJ: You got it. It's pretty much just a labor of love. We're Warrior fans and we love having this great community to share with other Warriors fans. In fact one of the main goals we set out to accomplish was to generate enough money in ads to be able to afford season tickets to share with our readers.

It's like our way of giving back to the people who visit our site everyday and support us. Basically, we don't make any money. It's all love, baby.

Thanks to Vince, Rich and the Dream League for not only interviewing me, but for giving us a place to play ball. It's been a lot of fun and the playoffs are coming in just over a month, so things could get even more interesting.

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