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Free KOBE!

Laker or not? Forget the Free KG campaign, its all about FREE KOBE!

(and while we're at it, how about FREE YAO!)

Kobe's controversial statement "I would like to be traded" resonated throughout the NBA and the internet.  Even though he's already rescinded his offer, it's no surprise that this superstar is frustrated with his current condition in LA. Kobe drama has been well documented publicly -- the feud between him and Shaq, him and Phil Jackson, and of course the alleged rape case in Colorado.  

But in all honesty, if I played with underachieving scrubs like Brian Cook and Sasha Vujacic, boneheads like Smush Parker, and losers like Kwame Brown, I would probably be pretty irritated too.  Kobe's Lakers are looking more like Paul Pierce and the Celtics of the West.  I'm sure being on Karl Malone, Mitch Richmond, and Gary Payton's farewell tour, rather than trying to snag some young talent, probably wasn't any better.

Truehoop breaks down more details and he even offers up his own trade scenarios as well.  Check it out!

As much as I hate Kobe right now for playing for the Lakers, it would be interesting to see him in some midnight blue and orange.  Better yet, how about some throwback gold?  Cable cars look good on any superstar.  But more importantly, we might see Jessica Alba-lite in the stands:


While we're at it, would you like Kobe on the Warriors?  What kind of scenarios can we come up with?  

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