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BETcats Getting Higgy With It

It was rumored just a few short days ago and today it materialized. Golden State Warriors GM Rod Higgins has left the shock the world Warriors for the vacant GM position with the Charlotte Bobcats. This move reunites Higgins with his boy Michael Jordan.

Normally when a GM leaves an NBA front office it's big news and there's plenty to discuss. But honestly I have no idea what this means for the Warriors' front office. There's really no telling how big of a role Higgins played in the front office decisions of the past few years. There have been a ton of mistakes, but there's also been some big wins. It's hard to decide which ones to credit him with and which should go to Chris Mullin or Don Nelson.

I'm sure there'll be plenty more times to represent at the NBA Draft Lottery for Higgins now that he's with the BETcats.

Good luck to Higgins in Charlotte. Hopefully this second go around with MJ will be better than the first with the Washington Wizards.

Stay tuned for Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins' and the rest of the 2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards. They're in the pipeline and will be dropping soon. All the grades haven't been tabulated, but I have good feeling that Mullin and Higgins will be getting a much better grade than last year.

Special thanks to loyal GSoM community member dallaswarrior for alerting the community about this with the diary Bye Bye Rod. dallaswarrior posed a great question in that diary, so let's continue that discussion.

Who do you want to step into Higgins' job?

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