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Playoff Open Thread-Game 1#: Warriors @ Jazz - This is Why I'm HOT!

Warriors: 0-0 (4-2 for the playoffs)

Jazz: 0-0 (4-3 for the playoffs)

Time: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR 1050

Forget about Snoop, let's get Mims at the game to tell everyone why we're hot!

The Warriors just matched up well with Dallas.  The Warriors are just hot right now.  Dallas was just depressed.  

The excuses for the Warriors beatdown of the Mavs keep coming despite all the convincing victories at home and away from the Oracle.  The only time I've seen so much hype and excuses was for former Warrior, Mike Dunleavy Jr.!  I mean, think about the discourse prior the playoffs... Dallas the #1 seed and most everyone (those being sports analysts) was convinced that their powerhouse deserved all the accolades: Avery for "Coach of the Year," Nowitski for "Most Valuable Player," and Harris or Stackhouse for "6th man of the year."  With all these accolades that none of them received (yet), the best excuse that they -- from some analysts and many (Mavs) fans -- could  come up with is "the Mavs just got down on themselves."  Come on now... really?

It's time for the Warriors to prove the world wrong, again!  Heck, we already shocked Commissioner David Stern.

The Warriors head out to Utah tonight against a young, upstart defensive and also offensively minded team.  This team was on fire early on this season only to drop 6 of their 7 last seven along with a 4 game losing streak in March, which led Andrei Kirilenko to grumble over his playing time and worth on the team.  However, as a lot of us have been watching in the post-season, Carlos Boozer finally looks like he's becoming the superstar everyone thought he could be after signing with Utah, scoring at will over Yao Ming.  His 2-game with Deron Williams during the series is eerily reminscent of hot-pants John Stockton and all-elbows and knees Karl Malone.  Our main man Tim K. tells us not to forget about Harpring and Okur, either.  The Jazz have been so good in the playoffs that they even made Tracy McGrady cry.

Utah, like the Warriors, are nearly unbeatable at home, winning 31 of 42 games; two of those were against the Warriors.  

The Warriors can definitely hang with the Jazz, if our blowout of them at home is any indication.  The Warriors are finally becoming the shooting team that they long thought they were/are, even though many of us hope they would take it to the hole more.  Jax's shooting has been able to stretch out defenses and also give us a consistent deep threat.  Both Jax and also Barnes have finally given us the athleticism, heart, handles, and defensive at the 3 spot that we've needed since probably the Chris Mullin era (1st time around).  Anyone ever notice how Barnes is always muggin in the background of photos?  

Although, Utah might own us during the season series, we have -- historically -- owned them in the playoffs! We swept them back in 1989 in the first round of the playoffs and also 3-2 back in 1987.  If history is an indication.... then the Warriors will continue to be "unstoppable baby!"

Vegas odds: Utah by 4 (as of 9:29 am pst)


* Warriors by 5
* Jax stays hot and hits three 3-pointers
* TMNHarrington bodies up Boozer and contains him to 21 quiet points
* JRich starts off a little cold, but gets "hot", dropping 14-6-5.
* I think we can expect a Barnes facial on Okur tonight

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.

UPDATE: (Atma Brother #1) Here's some pregame links to keep you going strong till 7:30pm:

UPDATE: Warriors lose 112-116.

Final Box Score

Stay tuned for the recap...


Warriors stay hot!

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