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Post Game 1 Links (Round 2)

The game was close in the end and on the road you can't ask for a whole lot more. The Warriors gave themselves a great chance to win the game, but ended up just short. If Stephen Jackson's 3 goes slightly left, we might be talking about a Warriors win. He's come up huge for us before and will no doubt again, he's not going to make them all, I guess. The Jazz kept their home court advantage and the Warriors will just have to come back and try to steal game 2.

Two great games by two great PG's


99.97% of these links were made possible because of Ballhype.

Check out Monta's new And1 commercial. They said...

We need to get some production out of Monta. Al has revived his game, so hopefully Game 2 is where Monta makes a comeback. He's quicker than all of the Utah guards so should be able to get in the paint. Let's go Monta!

Warriors vs Utah Series

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