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SBNation 2007 NBA Mock Draft: The Network and Friends are Mocking You

We've been mocking you x2 already (see We're Mocking You: NBA Mock Drafts 2007: 1st Edition | 2nd Edition), but now we're going to take it to a whole 'nother level. The SBNation hoops fam and some friends from the best hoops blogs around are selecting players and supplying a little science on their selection in a blogger mock draft.


All the mock-fun is hosted at SBN hoops brother site Indy Cornrows a great Indiana Pacers blog since the Posers don't have a draft pick. This draft class is loaded like Pacman Jones on a night out in the town, but the Pacers and their fans shouldn't feel that bad about losing their pick and their soon to be decade long playoff drought (thank you Indy!).

They've still got two of the best defenders in the game.
(Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

The first 5 picks of this mock draft are already in the books:

  1. Portland Trailblazers select... Greg Oden (Blazers Edge): Word is Zach Randolph and change are now mock-available for a late lottery pick.

  2. Seattle SuperSonics select... Kevin Durant (SonicsCentral): What an utterly foolish pick! I wouldn't waste a top 17 pick on someone who can't even bench press with the big boys.

  3. Atlanta Hawks select... Al Horford (Impending Firestorm): Mock-scouts have informed me that the Hawks know something about Horford's point guard abilities that no other team in the league knows about.

  4. Memphis Grizzlies select... Mike Conley, Jr. (Clips Nation): Interesting pick. I've never really considered the possibility of Conley on the Grizz.

  5. Boston Celtics select... Yi Jianlian (Green Bandwagon): Can you believe the nerve of these Bostonians? They just mock-killed The Yi Movement! Any trade ideas? Yi's going to be miserable playing for that tank-job organization and we're going to be miserable seeing the incomparably incompetent Danny Ainge ruin his career.

Keep checking Indy Cornrows regularly to see how much they're enjoying Murphleavy- ooops, I mean to see how the rest of this FANtastic inaugural SBNation NBA Mock Draft plays out. It should be extremely interesting given this loaded draft and assembly of clever mock-GMs.

One of your boys from GSoM will be repping the Dubs and mock-selecting some balla with the #18 pick. I should mention that mock-trades are allowed in these festivities.

Any brilliant trade scenarios that you think the other bloggers might go for? Any requests for the mock-pick at #18?

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