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New GSoM Poll: Most Untouchable Warrior

Post Pacers' heist, the 2007 Golden State Warriors were an extremely fun team to watch. I don't think you'll find any Warrior fan or even NBA fan that thinks differently. However, there seems to be plenty of difference in opinion amongst GSoMers (the most intelligent Warrior junkies on this planet) about who's the most untradeable Warrior. Some aren't willing to part with Boom Dizzle and that crazy beard. Some aren't willing to part with JRich or Die Flying. Some aren't willing to part with the youth in Andris "Good Ivan Drago" Biedrins and Monta Ellis to the Rim! Some aren't willing to let Action Jackson leave the Yay. Some don't want to see TMNHarrington go. But let's see what the consensus is here at the golden spot- vote or die on another great GSoM front page poll.

Which of these Warriors should be the most untouchable in trade discussions?

  • Baron Davis
  • Jason Richardson
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Al Harrington
  • Andris Biedrins
  • Monta Ellis

A Yay Area classic!

Track of the Day: Mac Mall- "Get Right"

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