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The Report Cards are Coming! The Report Cards are Coming!

Just a quick heads up that after almost as much delay as Windows Vista (well okay, not THAT much delay) the sizzling hot 2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards are set to start dropping early next week. It's going to be a great time out!

If you've never peeped a GSoM Report Card for the Golden State Warriors, then you're in for a treat better than anything you've ever gotten at Halloween. Roll on over to the midterm report card that Fantasy Junkie dropped earlier this season as well as the report cards from last year's painful drought x12 season.

2005-2006 Report Cards from the GSoM Vault:

This year's report cards are going to turn this mutha out like MC Hammer. We got insights. We got jokes. We even got some friends from the mighty blogosphere along for the ride, namely the always sharp Adam Lauridsen from Fast Break and the stylin' fellas from Fear The Beard. Oh and did I mention we got jokes?

U Can't Touch these reports cards!

Coming to a web browser near you next week... don't sleep!

(And yes, it's about damn time.)

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