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GSoM Open Q&A with Preetom Bhatacharya of Basketball News Services

GSoM friend Preetom Bhattacharya of Basketball News has kindly offered to field some of your questions about the Warriors and the NBA. Think of it as something similar to the fun chats has with its writers Chad Ford, Chris Sheridan, and Marc Stein. Pree's well connected with NBA front offices and scouts, so we're extremely blessed to have the good man in the mighty GSoM community.

Here's more about Pree:

Preetom Bhattacharya is an Editor for Basketball News, which powers HOOPSWORLD.COM, SWISH Magazine, and The Five Star Basketball Report. He compiles the Daily Rumors report for HOOPSWORLD.COM and regularly contributes columns for HOOPSWORLD.COM and SWISH Magazine. is a service of Basketball News, providing news and headlines to media outlets, radio stations and print publications across the US and Canada. Basketball News content is featured as part of Google News, Yahoo News and more than 10,000 news and webfeeds through Moreover's Connected Intelligence Network. Collectively, Basketball News content reaches 34 million viewers each day.

If you have a question about the Warriors fire away in the this diary GSoM Open Q/A with Pree. Just a two quick rules:

  • No repeats. Pree's a busy man. Before you ask a question make sure it hasn't been asked by someone else.
  • Say thanks! Pree's an asset to this mighty community and is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Make sure to thank him for taking your questions and making this community that much stronger.

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