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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Chris Mullin & Rod Higgins

They’ve arrived. We know you've been waiting for them. The 2006-2007 Golden State Warrior Report Cards are complete and we’re going to bring them to you fast and furious. At GSoM, we always try to give you fresh look at the Warriors, so this year we switched it up by adding two excellent Warrior bloggers to the mix. Meet our co-professors to help out in the report cards, Adam Lauridsen of Fast Break: A Warriors Fan Blog" and Daniel Turman of Fear the Beard.

Retro Chris Mullin

Rod Higgins: Signing autographs?

We kick the Report Cards off with a look at the decision makers, Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins. From the drafting of Project O’Bryant and Kosta Perovic to the hiring of Don Nelson to the trades, the duo was busy this year trying to get this team to the playoffs. By the way, does anyone know what Rod Higgins does? It always seems like Chris Mullin is the one getting the face time for all the Warrior moves. Now that Rod Higgins is going to the Bobcats, the Warriors need to hire someone. That someone should be me. Anyways, on to the report cards!

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)

Grade: A
If not for the questionable POB pick, I would have given them an A+. The Trade, along with bringing back Nellie, saved this franchise and gave us a ride we'll always remember. After lots of early mistakes, they seemed to come into their own this year. It's unclear how much of a difference Higgins' departure will make, but Mullin seems to have a plan for this team and I'm liking it so far.

Fun Score: 6
Mullin gets big points for being the last man in America still sporting a flat top.

Atma Brother #1

Grade: A
If there was an award for most improved NBA front office I'd give it to Mullie and Higgy. In less than one year they cut ties with one of the league's worst coaches and brought on an NBA coaching legend. With one quick heist they robbed the Indiana Pacers of a great all around player and seasoned veteran in Stephen Jackson as well as a top notch 3pt threat who can defend the post exceptionally well in Al Harrington. By offloading the Dunmurphy apathetic play and horrendous contracts to the Pacers, Mullin and Higgins ended one playoff drought and began another. I really want to give them an A+ for all that outstanding work, but the disaster that was the Warriors' 2006 NBA Draft can't be overlooked. Good luck to Hot Rod in Charlotte with MJ. Hopefully, Higgins is just working undercover for the Warriors to help swing an Adonal Foyle for Emeka Okafor type deal.

Fun Score: 7
Thanks for finally assembling a fun Warrior team both on and off the court!

Daniel Turman (Fear the Beard)

Grade: B+
I'm pretty sure that Mully could have hand fed a bear or pulled Sockeye salmon out of a roiling river with his bare hands if he had chosen to, but life being what it is he had to content himself between team-altering GM-ing with post-practice games of half-court two on two with Higgy Baby. Rod, you had the best job in the league since Jack Haley checked out of his Rodman-sitting duties. And then parlayed it into a job from MJ his damn self. I'm envious. Grades: "Grizzly Adams" and "Kenny Rogers"

Fun Score: ‘08
Fun score of '08, like Obama in '08 or Warriors '08 NBA Champions

DJ Fuzzylogic

Grade: B
Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins went retro this season, transforming the 2007 Warriors into the 1987 Warriors (thank goodness not the 1997 Warriors...). Too bad the figurative time machine couldn't give Nellie some years back into his life, the dude looked like he was sleepy half the time on the bench! Snagging Jax and Harrington might have been the biggest heist we've seen since Oceans 12. Finding a way to get rid of their glut of one dimensional (or no dimensional, if you're talking about POB) big men should be their next step and could give them some extra credit points for the next exam.

Fun Score: 6

Fantasy Junkie

Grade: A-
They started out the offseason with an F after drafting POB and Kosta Perovic. They could have taken two players who could actually help the team. But they made up for it by grabbing Nellie, signing Barnes, signing Kelenna midseason, and of course, getting rid of the DunMurphy sisters. I'm not sure how they got rid of those two contracts, but to get Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington for them was even more of a steal. Anyways, congrats to Chris and Rod for a great season managing the personnel.

Fun Score: 4


Grade: B-
After so many years of ridiculousness, I can't in all good conscience give these cats anything higher than a B-. That being said, the only reason they didn't get a D/F has to do with a little midseason trade that you might have read about...

Fun Score: 7
If it weren't for the midseason trade they'd be owing me some change on this Fun Score...

Overall Grade: B+

We know you have your own grades and fun scores, so in the comments leave your grade, any comments, and a fun score to keep the discussion going.

More on The Trade:


Grade: A-
There was a point in time early last season I literally wanted to take my season tickets and mail them back to the Warriors with fecal matter stuffed inside. But then "The Trade" occurred where we gave up two gigantic loser contracts and reinvented the Warriors. This trade could be looked back as one of the most lopsided trades ever.

Fun Score: 8

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