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Chris Mullin Talks about The Yi Movement

GSoM friend Tim Kawakami talked to Chris Mullin over the phone and posted a great read Why Mullin isn't nervous [Mercury News]. Tim of course asked Mullin about what he thought about The Yi Movement who he just checked out in LA the other day:

It was possibly a Mullin diversion, but he sounded distinctly non-ga-ga when he spoke about Yi, mostly because Yi has been speculated to be the Warriors' top focus in a supposed attempt to move up from their No.18 slot into the top eight or nine.

"That's what I hear," Mullin said of the Yi rumors. "But there's a lot of guys I've watched, you know? I didn't start those scenarios, and I don't feel like I have to finish them, especially if it's all about one player."

Still, Mullin agreed that Yi is an interesting combination of size and perimeter ability. Not the only interesting player in the draft, Mullin emphasized, but still interesting.

"He's impressive," Mullin said of Yi. "I saw him play in games (in China a few months ago), so it's not the first time I'm seeing him."

Does Yi fit as a power forward in Nelson's run-run style? "Could be, he runs, he's got athleticism, he can shoot it," Mullin said.

Mullin also made sure to mention that this year's draft, which will be held June 28, has several quality swingmen (always Nelson favorites). He also agreed that the Warriors might pluck a backup point guard in the first round, too.

You gotta love Mullin's poker face about the upcoming draft. Nellie has taught him well.

Definitely check out the rest of Tim's article for the Mercury for more on Mullin's take on Nellie returning and giving Baron Davis a contract extension.

Would Yi and Andris Biedrins be a good 4/5 combo for Nellieball next season?

UPDATE: You don't want to miss Tim's follow up piece this article on his blog titled Reading Mullin: Maybe the Warriors are chasing Garnett, not Yi.

More on The Yi Movement:

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