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Rumor: Cavaliers Interested in Trading for Jason Richardson

Despite getting swept in the NBA Finals by the San Antonio Snores the Cleveland Cavaliers had a remarkable season. Lebron looks like he's headed towards greatness especially in the Leastern Conference and while Coach Mike Brown doesn't exactly preach Nellieball he's a keeper as a great defensive tactician. But if the Cavs are ever going to make it over the hump from NBA Finals fluke to legit contender they're going to need a serious upgrade for LB23's sidekick. Larry Phillips for the Telegraph Forum say he's hearing the Warriors' Jason Richardson is one of their targets:

This offseason is incredibly intriguing for a team locked in by the salary cap and with no draft picks later this month.

I'm reading in earnest whispers Ferry is going to make a big pitch to deal for a legitimate sidekick to James. Golden State's Jason Richardson, Rashard Lewis in Seattle, Portland's Zach Randolph and Shawn Marion of Phoenix have been mentioned.

Any of those players would be a dramatic upgrade to the collection of stiffs and a boobie that tags along for a free ride with James.

There's also talk of Ferry trying to buy his way into the draft, and owner Dan Gilbert has approved going over the cap and into the luxury tax.

Ferry and Co. have to know James could lead the Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals regularly. Despite the idiocy being spewed nationally, I believe the Cavs are one player away from going over the top.

If James were driving and kicking to Marion or Lewis or Richardson. If he had a true low-post presence like Randolph. James can find a way to the finish line. He showed immense improvement this year, lifting his club past a battle-scarred Detroit team the Cavs couldn't finish last spring.

There's no doubt JRich would be a huge upgrade for the Cavs as Lebron's sidekick, but I can't see any trade scenario that actually helps out the Warriors. None. Nada. Nothing.

Aside from Lebron is there any trade with the Cavs featuring Jason Richardson that you think would help the Warriors?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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