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Jax a Free Man

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When the Warriors looted the Indiana Pacers only real drawback was Stephen Jackson's pending trial. Good news came this past Wednesday in court for Jackson and the Dubs. After pleading guilty to a felony charge Jackson's penalty was lessened to a 5k fine and 100 hours of community service in addition to extending his probation to one more year. He will not be serving any jail time.

We believed the Warriors would make the playoffs and they did. We believed the Warriors would shock the world and beat the Dallas Mavericks and they did.

We believe Stephen Jackson will not get into any more trouble with the law.

We believe in you man. Prove us right.

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

"I'm ready to move on," he told a small crowd of reporters. "I'm in a great city with a great new team, had a great year, as all y'all seen. I'm ready to experience another one." -Stephen Jackson

Let's do this man. Let's do this.

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