Just for fun: Rebuilding Mode!!!

Suppose Nellie did not come back for the 07-08 season. And Suppose the consensus was to shop our most attractive players for draft picks, young, cheap players and expiring contracts. This is just for fun since it has been a slow summer thus far. See if you can top this!...:

I tried using the most plausible trade scenarios and team needs.

Trade A: Baron Davis to the Atlanta Hawks for:
1.    Tyronne Lue (1)
2.    Lorenzen Wright (1)
3.    Anthony Johnson (1)
4.    Josh Childress
5.    07' First Round Pick #3

Nets us the #3 overall pick and Josh Childress. The other 3 Hawks have a year left on their contracts and could be bought out to make room on the roster for other players.

Trade B: Jason Richardson, Patrick O'Bryant, and 07' Second Round Pick #36, #46 to the Charlott Bobcats for:
1.    Brevin Knight (1)
2.    Sean May
3.    07' First Round Pick #8, #22

Nets us two first rounders and a decent rent-a-player for a year in Knight. S. May might not be a bad backup pick. Although he may be injured for half the season. Though he won't cost us much.

Trade C: Sarunas Jasckicavisius to the Miami Heat for:

1.    07' Second Round Pick #39.

Nets us an extra young player for nothing basically. With Jason Williams getting older, Miami needs a servicable PG. He's an expiring too so he won't hurt them long term.

Warrior Picks in the 07' NBA Amateur Draft: #'s 3, 8, 18, 22, 39

Using RealGM and DraftExpress mock drafts:

1.    Portland - Greg Oden
2.    Seattle - Kevin Durant
3.    Warriors - Mike Conley
4.    Memphis - Al Horford
5.    Boston _ Jeff Green
6.    Milwaukee - Brandan Wright
7.    Minnesota - Spencer Hawes
8.    Warriors - Yi Jian Lian
9.    Chicago - Joakim Noah
10.    Sacramento - Corey Brewer
11.    Atlanta - Javaris Crittenton
12.    Philadelphia - Al Thornton
13.    New Orleans - Nick Young
14.    Los Angelas Clips - Acie Law
15.    Detroit - Rodney Stuckey
16.    Washington - Julian Wright
17.    New Jersey - Jason Smith
18.    Warriors - Thaddeus Young
19.     Los Angelas Lak - Josh McRoberts
20.    Miami - Rudy Fernandez
21.    Philadelphia - Tiago Splitter
22.    Warriors - Sean Williams
23.    New York - Morris Almond
24.    Phoenix - Marco Belinelli
25.    Utah - Daequan Cook
26.    Houston - Nick Fazekas
27.    Detroit - Derrick Byars
28.    San Antonio - Jared Dudley
29.    Phoenix - Petteri Koponen
30.    Philadelphia - Taureen

2nd Round:

39. Warriors - Dominic Mcguire


  1. I could go either way with Conley or Horford. I picked Conley because he's the best pg in the draft, while you could net an offensive minded pf (Yi) later with the #8 pick. I wasn't sure Monta could handle the point, so i kept the pressure off him and left him at the 2 spot.
  2. Yi Jian Lian - If i were to pick Horford with the third selection, PG would be the next natural choice for the warriors. However the drop off from Conley to Law and Crittenton, was much bigger than Horford to Yi or even Noah. I couldn't justify picking Noah and playing him alongside Biedrins. An offensive minded PF is needed here in this spot.
  3. Thaddeus Young - Talented and sweet shooting sf/pf combo. A decent replacement for Jason Richardson, Mikael Pietrus, and Matt Barnes. Would benefit from wide open looks from dish off passes from conley. Would not be relied upon to score with Monta, Yi, and Conley taking the pressure off Young's shoulders. Would not have to start right away.
  4. Sean Williams - Drafting Yi would not give you the kind of defense or rebounding you may want. Drafting Williams covers these areas as he could come off the bench and give you intensity and tenacity as well as 6 extra fouls to work with.
  5. Dominic McGuire - Projected to go a few spots higher, but hopefully lady luck drops this sleeper into the Warriors' hands. Long, Athletic combo forward (stands 6'8''), much like Young, however plays decent man-to-man defense and good leaping ability for offensive boards. McGuire and Young could become Pietrus and Barnes 2.0
I was going to go into salary cap situations for the 08-09 season but i'm too tired. Let's just say we save a freakin boat load of money. Money to sign Beans and Monta with as well as extensions for Childress if he deserves it.

Depth Chart:

  1. Knight/Conley/Ellis
  2. Ellis/Childress/Jackson
  3. Harrington/Young/McGuire
  4. Yi/May/Williams/Young
  5. Biedrins/Yi/Williams/Foyle
I understand this is a 13 man rotation so i would send down a player to the D-Leagues such as McGuire.

I'm too tired after doing all this research. Blast or praise it at your own will.

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