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Decide what the Warriors will do in the 2007 NBA Draft

There's just something magical about this time of year for the GSoM community. For two straight years we've voted on who we want the Warriors take in the NBA Draft and ended up getting that player.

I'm not even joking.

2005 NBA Draft
Hours before the draft...


Thanks Chris for Danny Fortson 2.0?


2006 NBA Draft
Right before the draft...


Thanks for taking Patrick O'Bryant with a 9th pick so bad that the commish David Stern called it the 10th pick!

Even with the slimmest of margins the future NBA hoopstar (well, if you want to call Ike and POB that) who the GSoM community voted for ended up being a Warrior (for the record I wanted Hakim Warrick in 2005 and Rodney Carney in 2006- so don't blame me!). In Ike and most likely POB's case that wasn't for too long, but oh well. Let's see if we can do like the 90's Bulls and the Shaq + Kobe Lakers and go for the 3-peat.

The SBN poll system allows us to put up 10 options. One of those will go to Yi Jianlian (after all there's been a ton of Yi to the Dubs rumors and there's that Yi Movement thing), but the remaining 9 are all up in the air. With the Dubs picking so late it's going to be trickier than the past when they were slotted to pick #9 since a lot of trades and silly front office moves (ahem, Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale) can go down, but let's see if we can keep that streak alive. Post other realistic options for the pick that you'd like to see in the annual GSoM draft poll in the comments section by Monday June 25th at 12pm PST.

List the names of the players you're feeling in the comments or forever hold your piece. If history is any indication you'll want to take this seriously.


Spread the word about this poll to every Warriors fan you know. This is BIG. Don't sleep!

Stay tuned for our 3rd Annual Live Blogging of the NBA Draft!

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