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Rumor: Toronto Raptors Saving Midlevel Exception for Mickael Pietrus

Check out this tidbit on the Toronto Raptors from Mitch Lawrence in his article Garnett itching to play for winner for the NY Daily News:

Once free agency starts, the Raptors have their mid-level exception set aside for Golden State's Mickael Pietrus, who could start for them next season at small forward.

If the Toronto Raptors are going to offer Mickael Pietrus something in the neighborhood of 4.5 million per season, I don't see the Warriors matching the offer and retaining MP2. While it's a fairly reasonable deal for an athletic swingman who can play 3 positions, grab a few boards, play some tough D when focused, and knock down the trifecta from the corners, I'd expect the Warriors to use that sort of money to keep Matt Barnes instead.

The Eastern Conference is bad especially the Titanic Division, but Pietrus isn't a full time starting small forward on a winning ballclub. He's a great guy to have coming off the bench, but the many holes in game (e.g. mental mistakes, no midrange game, too many silly fouls, etc) get exposed big time when he's a starter playing heavy minutes. The Raptors are probably being a little too optimistic if they think Pietrus will be the solution for their starting small forward position, but maybe the Leastern Conference is just that bad. Who knows? Maybe Pietrus will work out for them as starter even though he didn't for the Warriors.

Pietrus is a cool cat and a crowd pleaser with all his goofy antics. I don't see him donning a Warriors jersey next season, but I do want the best for him. With the Raptors trying to emulate the West Coast offense of the Suns and Warriors in Canada, they're a great fit for MP2. If the Warriors can't sign him on the cheap, I hope he ends up in Toronto. Good fans and a ballclub on the rise.

Do you want the Warriors to retain Pietrus this offseason? How much would you be willing to offer?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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