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Baron Davis Wins GSoM's MC Hammer Award

The results are in and GSoMers believe the most untouchable Warrior in trade discussions should be Baron Davis by a wide margin. Thanks to all 1,232 of you who voted.


  1. Baron Davis (47%): No Baron, no playoffs. It's that simple.
  2. Andris Biedrins (26%): Hopefully this value is just inflated by the position Biedrins plays. He's not the second best player on this roster by any stretch. Remember, the Warriors actually made that crazy playoff run to end the regular season with him on the bench and Al Harrington starting at the 5 spot.
  3. Monta Ellis (12%): His contract to production ratio is outstanding, however he was a complete no-show in the playoffs.
  4. Jason Richardson (10%): A year ago he easily would've taken the #1 slot.
  5. Stephen Jackson (2%): He might not be as untouchable as the rest, but given his history and conflicts with the refs he actually might be more untradeable than Adonal Foyle.
  6. Al Harrington (0%): He's probably just an average to below average starter in this league, but an excellent force off the bench and fit for Nellieball. TMNHarrington's versatile enough to play the 3, 4, 5 and spots for Nellie.
You mean The Baron Davis '06-'07 Story.

Mullin, Rowell, and Cohan- you can thank us for this free market research by not messing up this year's draft like last year. Don't worry Nellie's there to help you out.

Are you surprised by these results?

Look out for the world famous GSoM draft poll later today...

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