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Rumor: Jason Richardson to the Bobcats for the #8 pick

Tired of JRich trade rumors yet? This time His Airness and Rod Higgins of the Bobcats are interested in a package that would include the #8 pick in the draft. GSoM insider pree suggested this back on June 20th, Draft Prospects: Charlotte Bobcats too. This current rumor is coming from our favorite rumor reporter, Sam Smith in his Inside the NBA piece.

The Bobcats could play Raymond Felton and Gerald Wallace (assuming they re-signs him) in the backcourt with Lewis and Emeka Okafor up front and perhaps make a nice jump, and then use the No. 8 pick for a big man, though there's talk of using that pick in a deal for Warriors guard Jason Richardson.

It would really be disheartening to see JRich leave the team, but I wonder if going to Charlotte would make him a better player. If he played with Michael Jordan watching over him, is that going to push him harder to become great or make him tentative? Knowing JRich's work ethic, I would think he talks to MJ everyday about how to become a better player and you might see something really special out of him. Of course, Mullin needs to keep JRich on the Warriors in order to keep this team headed towards its next playoff berth.

Let's pretend Mullin makes the deal for the #8 pick, who do you think is available and who would you take at #8?

Also check out pree's diary, Sam Smith Strikes Again! JR to Charlotte?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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