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Sarunas Says Hello to $4 Million

Extraordinary Warrior cheerleader Sarunas Jasikevicius re-upped with the team by picking up his $4 million player option for next season. He never really panned out for Nellieball despite his very intriguing throwback first name. Given his 3rd string status, $4 million expiring contract, and the fact that he's not one of the worst players in the league by any stretch (the same can't be said for fan favorite Adonal Foyle), Sarunas is probably the most likeliest current Warrior to be playing elsewhere coming November. The Raptors and Rockets seem to be the two teams most interested in Sarunas, but hopefully the Warriors can use his expiring deal as part of a larger package to net a much bigger fish (ahem, K to the G).

Where you do think Sarunas will wind up?

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Thanks to loyal GSoM community member maybenextyear for posting this up in a diary before I could hit the submit button on this post. GSoMers are fast!


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