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Bring Back Boykins!

Despite how much we might want it to happen, it's going to be incredibly tough for the Warriors to Bring KG to the Bay or fulfill The Yi Movement. It might be time to look at some more realistic options to make this team better and turn up the fun meter a few more notches (if that was even possible).

The solution:

(figuratively speaking, not literally of course)

Look at that little fella/
He's got enough poison in him to kill an elephant/
That's right- An Elephant.

PG: Earl Boykins (5'5)
SG: Monta Ellis (6'3)
SF: Baron Davis (6'3)
PF: Jason Richardson (6'6)
C: Stephen Jackson (6'8)

NBA Champs 2k8

Okay, okay I'm being half serious- or maybe I'm half joking? Either way that lineup is, as former Warrior great Marc Jackson would say, simply Unstoppable Baby!

In all seriousness free agent point guard Earl Boykins' speed, sweet shooting, and pesky D would be an intriguing fit for Nellieball. He's the perfect change of pace player to be a real deal backup point guard for Baron Davis. There's a lot to like about this former Eric Musselman and Warriors Nation favorite. I'm curious how much Boykins and his agent are looking for on the free agent market.

Props to freespree for igniting the Bring Back Boykins Bonanza.

Should the Warriors bring back Boykins?

Track of the Day: E-40- "Earl That's Yo Life"

Also see: Boykins opting out, will test free agent market [AP]

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