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VOTE OR DIE!: Golden State Warriors in the 2007 NBA Draft

Alright I think you know what's at stake. If you don't, well then do your homework (see Decide what the Warriors will do in the 2007 NBA Draft) immediately because it's already late and you'll be marked down a full letter grade.

Step right up my friends and cast your vote on Who should the Warriors take in the 1st round of the 2007 NBA Draft? on the front page poll to your right.

Here's the carefully selected options:

  • Yi Jianlian of The Yi Movement fame
  • Thadeus Young
  • Tiago Splitter
  • Sean Williams
  • Jason Smith
  • Josh McRoberts
  • Nick Young
  • Rudy Fernandez
  • Trade Jason Richardson to move up
  • Trade Monta Ellis to move up

Publicize this poll like crazy. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your family to tell your friends. Tell your friends to tell your family- or something like that. You get the point. Spread the word about this world famous poll (email, message boards, phone calls, voicemail, IM, VOIP, pages, snail mail, morse code- whatever you gotta do, make it happen). There's no reason why every single member of Warriors Nation worldwide should not vote on this poll.

Diddy wants you to vote!

Mariah wants you to vote!

alicia-vote or die.jpg
Alicia Keys wants you to vote!

Mya wants you to vote!

Man, even jailbird Paris Hilton wants you to vote!

As De La Soul would say Stakes is High!

Let's see if we can go for the 3-peat here...

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